Can anyone be a CEO?

Can anyone be a CEO

Can anyone be a CEO?

Can anyone be a CEO?

What characteristics makes an ideal leader?

James McLaren, Managing Partner and Founder of Sterling Black, explores this and more in the Future Women Leadership Series podcast hosted by Helen McCabe.

In this podcast, James addresses key areas such as:

  • Can all high performing individuals become CEOs?
  • What’s the difference between high growth and turnaround CEOs?
  • How has the role changed for CEOs?
  • What type of person makes a successful CEO in today’s business world?
  • Can you teach someone to become a CEO?
  • Can CEOs with toxic derailer behaviours be cured?
  • Are there differences between female and male leaders?
  • What are the common leadership mistakes made by CEOs?

Listen to James in this podcast as he shares his insights.

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