CEO Coaching & Development

We specialise in coaching CEOs for succession and development.

We have over 25 years’ experience coaching CEOs of large global organisations and high growth SME firms

Our coaching philosophy and approach has been developed based on accreditation and exposure to master coaches such as Dr. Tony Grant, Bob Lee and Marshall Goldsmith

The effectiveness of our coaching is due to our understanding of how executives best receive feedback, how adults learn and our belief that development takes place through practice and reflection of relevant practical exercises

Our points of difference in CEO coaching are:

We deeply understand the CEO role as we have experience as a CEO

We are very commercial and practical in our approach

We can teach all the skills of a CEO to new CEO candidates

We have a method for measuring the impact of our assignments

Development of Succession Candidate prior to becoming CEO;

Coaching and Development for CEO’s who are new to the role;

Coaching for existing CEO’s who need to develop to keep pace with the organisation;

Coaching and Mentoring CEO’s on the commercial aspects of being a CEO;

Coaching on specific behavioural and leadership style issues

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