Our Expertise

Chair & CEO Succession

We provide our clients with the confidence, the data and the decision support to ensure selection of the right CEO and/or Chair to deliver on the future strategy.


We can assist you to prepare for a:

Future CEO or Chair succession process

Immediate assistance with unplanned change of Chair or CEO

Objective evaluation and benchmarking of internal & external CEO candidates

Short and/or long-term CEO and/or Chair Succession

We facilitate a robust development process that ensures the chosen successor’s readiness for performance as soon as the transition is needed.

We have over 25 years’ experience with many international CEO & Board succession assignments

Our world’s best practice methodologies and approaches make us the benchmark in the leadership industry

We constantly invest in research and evolve our methodologies and approach

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CEO Coaching & Development

We specialise in coaching CEOs for succession and development.

We have over 25 years’ experience coaching CEOs of large global organisations and high growth SME firms

Our coaching philosophy and approach has been developed based on accreditation and exposure to master coaches such as Dr. Tony Grant, Bob Lee and Marshall Goldsmith

The effectiveness of our coaching is due to our understanding of how executives best receive feedback, how adults learn and our belief that development takes place through practice and reflection of relevant practical exercises

Our points of difference in CEO coaching are:

We deeply understand the CEO role as we have experience as a CEO

We are very commercial and practical in our approach

We can teach all the skills of a CEO to new CEO candidates

We have a method for measuring the impact of our assignments

Development of Succession Candidate prior to becoming CEO;

Coaching and Development for CEO’s who are new to the role;

Coaching for existing CEO’s who need to develop to keep pace with the organisation;

Coaching and Mentoring CEO’s on the commercial aspects of being a CEO;

Coaching on specific behavioural and leadership style issues

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Board Review & Chair Coaching

The best Boards move beyond governance to establish conditions for organisational, strategic and commercial success.

We understand the essential relationships and responsibilities that Board members hold.

We know how to maximise the effectiveness of Boards, we can articulate the practical actions and provide tools that enable Boards to get the best from themselves and govern organisational success.


We provide standardised or custom Board Review solutions that typically include:

Custom design of the Board review process: surveys; interviews; reports; action steps.

Comprehensive Board effectiveness report against ASIC and AICD good practices;

Full benchmark dashboard of Board competence across 120 data points;

Facilitated action plan based on recommendations to the Board;

Feedback and development of Non-Executive Directors;

Chair feedback and Chair coaching on how to improve the Board.

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Executive Team Development

Successful organisational leadership isn’t just about amassing a collection of strong individuals. It’s about how they maximise their impact by working together.


We have extensive experience of building custom programs that accelerate the path to effective Executive Teams. The typical objectives of this team effectiveness work are to set the team up for success in:

Leading and implementing the organisation’s strategy;

Predicting and responding to inevitable future challenges;

Making and implementing effective decisions;

Ensuring clarity and alignment on direction and accountabilities;

Addressing and resolving any residual issues that could get in the way of success;

Establishing effective and efficient ways of working – operating rhythm, decision-making, communication;

Supporting individual team members to bring the best of themselves to the work of the team.

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