Our Story

We build leadership. We mean business.

With over 25 years’ experience we give clear recommendations on whether your current leaders are, or can be the leaders you need.


No gimmicky tools or models, benign workshops or ineffective coaching. We give practical advice to help your leaders improve.


We build the capability and effectiveness of your board by delivering board reviews that are meaningful and action-orientated.


We help you plan for expected or unexpected CEO events and succession.


We understand how to get CEOs to engage with a development process, how experienced executives best receive feedback and how adults learn.


We know that development takes place through practice and reflection of relevant practical exercises, not through ‘magic tools’.

World’s best practice methodologies

Strength of decision-making data

Rigorous evaluation/assessment

Uncomplicated, clear and concise outputs

Pragmatic, commercially oriented, targeted advice

Credibility and expertise to lead in the Boardroom

Clear recommendations on whether your leaders are, or can become, the leaders you need

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